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Sana Safinaz EID Collection 2017-18 Luxury Collection

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Stuff : Pure Chiffon
Contact : Mohammad Azam

 This is replica

Bread base and dull gold arrangement weaved front on poly net with a striking flower design in peach and orange. A sensitive geometric outline in succession weaved on back with vigorously weaved sleeves and a completely weaved botanical running fringe on a 100%  chiffon

The impeccable type of fashion of fashion that we had in 70s is considered to be the most voguish one in our Pakistani fashion history. Whether riches or rags, everyone got so much fashion fetish that almost in every house it used to seem that as if there is a fashion show going on. That time’s styling options were the celebrated ones that we still have some glimpse of these even in the contemporary fashion as the vintage line. Jump suits, bell bottom trousers, umbrella sleeves, short kurtis, flashy lipsticks and nail enamels, disco ball accessories and the most unforgettable huge sun glasses, makes the elderly nostalgic when it comes to their mind as in retrospect. And you know as usual Sana Safinaz the brand, incomparable one, has brought that 70s trendsetting style back in the existing attire approach, this invokes the urbanity of the modern girls’ everyday hang out activities, so happy go lucky. But you know what Sana Safinaz has you so swoon to perfection that this Eid it wants you get dressed with its meticulous niche